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Crea un evento

To create an event you have to click on one of the five buttons on the left in the Options and Settings window.

Let’s create an event for button 1.

1) click on “Set event 1” button

2) check “Enable/disable this event” on right to enable the fields

3) choose a name for this event (for example, “Eclipse on the U.S.A. 2017”)

4) choose one of the event type (“Only set date & time”, “Only set the location”, “Set time and location”). It depends on the type of the event. For a total eclipse of the sun, choose “Set time and location”.

5) choose the date and the time (yyyy/mm/dd, for example, “2017/08/21”, UTC time: “10:56:19”), planet “EARTH”.

6) check both “For this event, turn on the atmosphere”, “For this event, turn on the fog”

7) check “Once positioned, select the object shown in the list below…” and select “SUN” in the left combo

8) check “At the end, perform an autozoom on this object”

9) leave the “Turn on the lanscape” unchecked

10) If you want to add a remark, click on the “Add a remark” button.

11) click SAVE and close the “Options and Settings window”.

Now you have the event enabled on the console.

To perform the eclipse, click on the “Event 1” button on the console, just below the central message box.