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New layout

Try out the new layout! The console is now darker: it uses red tones and a new, more modern and attractive graphic style!

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Training and Pro Editions

As of version 5.0, Stellarium Console contains both the code for the Training and the Pro editions. The Training edition is for free and you can use it at your home forever.

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Do your lessons with PDF files

You can open up any pdf files directly from the console to help you during your astronomical lessons.

New features of the 5.x version

Read more about the new version

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Draw on Stellarium

A new powerful feature allows you to draw anything on the Stellarium window. Your audience will be astonished about your comprehensive lessons.

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Move around the world

Thanks to a big world map, you can change your location on Earth by simply clicking on it. So if one asks you to see how the sky appears in the opposite side of the world, you can do it really easy.

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Play all your videos

The new version of Stellarium Console integrates a Windows Media Player plugin that allows you to play all the video formats. No need to install a third party software.

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Extra time controls

Thanks to extra time controls, the 5.0 version simplifies the change of the current date and time. Four new buttons simply change the date to one of the solstices or equinoxes.

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New Features of the 5.x version

New Features of the 5.x version The code of the 5.x version has been totally rewritten. Now, the Training and the Professional editions are within the same software. You have only to choose which version to use at startup. Stellarium Console does no longer use external programs to play videos. Every video you will play with Windows Media […]

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What it is

Stellarium Console is a highly intuitive software that allows you to use the well-known astronomical software Stellarium with a fisheye digital planetarium. It is available in six languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Turkish. Its strong point is its ease of use. Within a few hours, anyone can become an expert astronomer and take […]

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