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What it is

What it is

Stellarium Console is a highly intuitive software that allows you to use the well-known astronomical software Stellarium with a fisheye digital planetarium. It is available in six languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Turkish.
Its strong point is its ease of use. Within a few hours, anyone can become an expert astronomer and take a lesson in astronomy at the planetarium. The console allows you to control not only most of the features of Stellarium, but also to push it to the limits of its potential. Try to imagine using Stellarium without a console and to show the movement of the sun in a year as it passes the meridian, the precession of the equinoxes, the overflight of a planet in the solar system, the loop of the orbits of the outer planets , an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon. With the console, these movements can be called with at most a couple of clicks.

In addition, you can record your actions on the console, so you get a script that you can call with a single click (this feature is very useful for those who make continuous and repetitive shows). Everybody can share scripts with another Stellarium Console’s user.

You will find most useful the feature that allows you to find the Polar Star starting from the pointer stars Merak and Dubhe, or to locate all of the Messier objects contained within a given constellation; you can call up videos, audio files, photos or scripts anytime you wish with a simple click; you can associate some buttons on the console with specific tasks, such as moving your current position to a different planet in the solar system.

Stellarium Console 5.0 includes both the Professional and the Training editions. The first one is designed to be used with a digital projector and requires a PC with two video outputs, the latter is useful to become familiar with the program and prepare the lessons at home.

Do not wait any longer, download it on your PC and try now!